Saturday, April 7, 2012


Few days back, I was able to watch one of the documentaries of " I witness".It is all about those teachers who decided to teach in rural areas despite a very low salary being given by the government. It is an episode where the heroism of teachers were being presented and narrated. It was a story on how sacrifices and hardships were being given by these teachers to their devoted students despite a bulk of work and paper works that needs to be accomplish.

Becoming a teacher is no difference as to that of a priest, it is a profession which is considered a "Vocation" . Vocation as to the meaning of many is a " Calling". Yes indeed, Many are called to teach but only few responded. I am very honored to share that I am one of those few who responded to this call. I am a graduate of Accountancy, I am an accountant by profession in short, teaching was never been my dream and passion, in fact it is indeed far from my interest, it was never even came into my mind during the early years of my school life. I've worked in reputable companies for few years, after I graduated in college as an Accountant, Finance Analyst and even as Auditor, but I didn't became happy, there is no sense of fulfillment. I am looking for something which will make me more worth, the feeling then is unexplainable, it is as if there were some things in my mind during that time which I can't figure out, until May 2008, I was being offered by one of my friends to try teaching. At first, my mind was overshadowed with questions, my heart was filled with mixed emotions, I even asked myself What???! Am I capable to teach? Am I able to give justice to the subject which I will be teaching? Can I inspire my students? These are some of the questions which I uttered to myself at that very moment.

Days had passed, after analyzing the situation, I decided to try, just a try in fact " There is no harm in trying, as others may say, and the rest is history. from trying, I am now enjoying my life as a College Instructor from a State University. I've been teaching for 4 years now and still counting for years... I was able to teach a lot of subjects already, some of these are Accounting, Finance, Economics, Taxation, Law, Marketing and Management.

The fulfillment of being a teacher is when the students are learning from you and appreciate you from all the ideas and knowledge you have been sharing with them, the smiles and commendation that they give to me is ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS! A quote from " Henry Adams" says that "A teacher affects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops.". Yes, I agree with Sir Henry, once you become a teacher, you will forever be, the good things that you impart and taught to your students will eternally instill to their minds.

Being a teacher is a noble profession. In teaching, there is no money, Yes, I admit that you can never be rich with material things when you are in this job, but I can say that richness does not only comes from getting bulk of money right?, it also comes from things which money can't buy, like in my case, I am getting rich, richer and even richest whenever I see my students marching up on stage getting the fruits of their labor their " COLLEGE DIPLOMA". I think that is the most precious treasure that I have in my life.

I would like to end this note with words from Andrew which says " I want to fight for the opportunities of my students that's what I want out of teaching." I guess that is also my reason why until now I still cannot leave THE WORLD OF ACADEME!


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Saturday, January 29, 2011


It was on November of 2008 When I decided to pursue my further studies in my alma matter taking up Masters in Business Administration (MBA). It was a tough decision then as I just came from my 2nd failure in the CPA Board Exam, great dilemma arises to me during that time whether to continue trying my take 3 in the board or pursuing my master's degree, but my passion to go back to school ruled and my journey to MBA life started...

During my first day in the graduate school, As I remember was a little bit tense, but with tremendous happiness, maybe because, I know it will be totally different from high school and college life considering that I will be dealing now with professional and respected individuals in town. I profess that I adjusted myself a lot with the new environment and new educational system of the degree...

While taking up my MBA Degree, I am simultaneously working then as a COLLEGE INSTRUCTOR in 3 schools here in Pampanga, It was such a Hectic Schedule for me as I teach from Monday to Friday and attend my MBA studies during saturday from 7am to 7pm, but as they say If you really love what you are doing, no matter what hindrances may arise, you would still do everything and take the challenge to make all things possible...

So I took the challenge, the challenge to meet the deadlines of assignments, term papers, research papers and a lot more to mention, dealing with misunderstood, intelligent, sensitive, weird, sympathetic, lazy and inspiring professors, coming up with excellent presentations of reports, and the unforgettable battle of taking the COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION as a requirement for graduation.

Speaking of Comprehensive Examination, this exam is being taken by any Graduate School students who have completed the academic requirements set by the program. In my case, I finished a total of 42 units comprising the Basic, Cognates and Major subjects before I was put into the hot seat of taking the arduous compre exam. I finished all my Academic Units last year summer of 2010, and took the said exam last August 5 and 12, 2010, the days where my mind and heart were just focused on one thing, to answer all the questions being asked and pass the exam. I know that my experience in the exam was extraordinary, in a sense that you need to answer 7 to 9 essay questions in 1 hour per subject and there were 11 subjects, imagining myself answering those questions with limited time, as if, I am dying slowly but slowly, Likewise, I can say that I am a survivor, I took the summon to finished the exams with great pride and perseverance.

4 months after, to be exact December 15, 2010, I received a phone call from the UA Graduate School Office telling me the good news, a news that would give me the motivation to move forward, a news that would somehow change my life style, and a news that would make my parents even more proud to me, what is it? Yes, you are definitely right with your guess,,, I PASSED THE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATION WITH AN AVERAGE OF 94%. Thanking the Lord was the first thing I did when I heard about that unexpected news, My hands were shaking, my heart was beating too fast, Tears of joy were overflowing from my eyes, I am totally speechless and certainly don't know what other words I am going to utter...

Ever since I was a child, I can say that I am a DREAMER, I always dream of things which I want to achieve in life but I see to it to make it happen by realizing them with actions, I once dream of having a title with my name, at first it didn't worked out because of my failures in the board exam, but this time, I am very proud to say that I already made that dream to come true, as I called myself now, KRIST MARK Q. MACAPUGAY, MBA

In the next few months, that name would become totally VALID, as I take my final vow to my MBA Graduation this coming April 2011 with my PARENTS.

Making it this far is not a joke, it is not even indeed easy, but it takes a lot of courage, patience and determination along with great faith to the Lord.

If you are going ask me one question....Am I going to stop dreaming? definitely not, and there is no space for not dreaming more and more, in fact, my next move is to become a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT (CPA). This time NO rooms for failures, as long as I believe in God, my abilities and myself like what I did in achieving my MBA Title.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I admit that I am not a perfect human being, I am not a perfect son nor a perfect brother but there is something with me that makes my life meaningful... what is it? my closeness to God... since grade school until now, I involved myself with different religious organizations where I showed my love and commitment to the Lord... I know what is this in me that makes my life so committed with him, maybe because He is the only one who remains in me when I am afraid, when I am down and weary, and when I am in the darkness moments of my life.

It was late last year, when I discovered a new friend of mine, He is not a human nor an animal, it is a magazine... the kerygma magazine. " Kerygma Magazine is a catholic inspirational magazine. it aims to be an evangelistic tool to all nations, providing scriptural, practical and orthodoz teachings to catholics, particularly those in the charismatic renewal." ( Source: Kerygma Magazine, December Issue) . for some, this may seem not visible to their eyes whenever they visit the national book store, I understand because you cannot actually see a famous beautiful artist nor a heartrob guy in this magazine. But there is this magazine which really makes me addict to it. What is it? the lessons I acquired in reading inspirational stories and articles which really gives me enough and even more greater strength in facing life. the joy of experiencing God's love within my heart and the peace of spirit that flows within my body.

Starting then till now, I do not miss visiting the National Book Store, just to have a copy of the magazine, the warmth happiness it brings me makes my life so strong and becoming more and more closer to God. It was August of 2009 when I started sharing my personal reflections to Kerygma Magazine through www. In the said website, I shared my personal testimony about what I have read in the June Issue, at first It was only my way of expressing my feelings but I was shocked when I bought the September issue of the MAG, I saw my said reflection published in the said issue. It made me proud as an ordinary person having been trusted of sharing my personal insights to thousands of filipinos inside and outside the country...

Upon reading the August issue of the magazine, I was inspired with the story of the Prodigal Lolo who has been abandoned by his family after working abroad for so many years, it made me feel pity on him considering he made everything just to give what his family needed but it was disappointing that his own family do not even appredciate what he is doing for them. With this, I was touched by the holy spirit to express once again my emotions through a simple reflection which I actually sent to

A while ago after going out to work, I decided to dropped by SM National Book Store to personally check if the December Issue of Kerygma Magazine is already available. With great joy and thanksgiving, it's already placed on the shelf, with no doubt and excitement, I picked one and paid for it right away. Upon arriving home, I rapidly opened it to check the articles inside. With my shocked, I saw my name in the KFAM Insider page, Ow! It was my Personal Reflection dated August published once again. I felt the joy inside because for the 2nd time, I was trusted by the magazine to share my personal sharing to filipinos nationwide. And for the benefit of those who will attempt to read this article. Let me share you the photo showing the reflection of mine published in the latest issue, It was actually shown above. Let me share to you the contents of the said reflection " I just want to share my personal reflection upon reading the August issue of Kerygma. I couldn't control myself from crying after I read the story of Lolo Carding " the prodigal lolo." I felt sad for him. My father has been working abroad for 26 years now but never in our minds did we think to not accept him because he was away from us. In fact, we understood him for not being with us most of the time, because if he did not do what he did, I would not finish college and be able to pursue my master's degree now. I do hope that people would realize the value of a parent.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


In the past few days, I can say that I had a lot of dilemma in mind, dilemma that made me realize a lot of things to know myself better and the people around me. I went through a stage where I need to sacrifice some of my routinary work just to comply with my own comfort and happiness. I shifted myself from being a full time college instructor to a part time basis.

Financially I know it is hard for me considering that I am also financing my own allowance in and out of school in my Master's degree, but with the grace and love of God, slowly I am surviving...

but to ask if I have regrets of coming up with that decision? I think I just did what is best for me.I just followed my heart truly says...

I am supposed to come back to my field of work, which is in the accounting industry,there are great opportunities stored from me but I think they may not seem as enormous at the moment. I am trying to try a work that is outside academe. I miss my life facing the computer the whole day, cramming with deadlines of financial reports, and dealing with misunderstood clients, but it shows that it is not yet the time for me to do so...

I think my passion in teaching is still active, and gives me the eagerness to continue this vocation with the positive response and feedback that I often hear from
students and fellow colleagues.

In relation to this, another door has opened before me now,not in the private sector anymore but in the government sector... absolutely not in the office yet, but in the academe... what school is it? that is I think a secret for now,,, but it is a public university for the record. I just want to thank the school for giving me the opportunity to be able to impart my knowledge to their students. I appreciate the trust and warm welcome they showed and gave me during my first day. I am prayng ang hoping that good things has been set to me during the span of my stay... till when? until there is 1 young mind who still experiences hunger for wisdom. with that, Only time can tell.

Friday, November 20, 2009


This is an Opening Prayer I made for our class in Values Development in Government... Let us take a moment of silence as we read the prayer...

Our Dearest Heavenly Father, as this Saturday begins; we are gathered together as we ask for your holy name to guide us in every endeavour we take. We pray that your mighty power be our courage, your divine words be our comfort, your everlasting love be our strength and your lovingly touch be our protection.

St. Augustine once said that “to love is to go beyond ourselves and to fasten our affection upon an object of love.” I personally believe o Lord that you created us for a purpose, not to simply love ourselves but instead showing and extending our selfless love and care to others.

Help us O Lord to eradicate our anger, eliminate the feeling of hatred inside our hearts, and heal the wounds of pain that continuously taking us away from you.

And most of all, May the spirit of comradeship reign in the hearts and minds of every people in this world o Lord regardless of differences in races, gender, religion and faith.

We ask this in the intercession of your name o Lord.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I hate being lonely, I hate having a boring life, I hate crying, I hate pretending to be happy but this is what I always feel and I just can't hide it beyond every smile and laughters that slips my face. If I could just turn back time, I wish I was a forever college student, I miss college life, I miss my college friends, I miss my life serving the Lord everyday by preaching the word of God inside our UA Chapel, I miss helping and teaching less fortunate students at Chancery. I miss the joys and memories my classmates and I have shared during our 5 years of being together. In short, I miss my real life, I miss myself, I miss KM...

As much as I keep my true feelings, It is hard, because life has to be face in a case to case basis... it is not easy to show my internal heart crying with sadness, My life is like a candle which continously melting and I just can't stop it. I feel that as day passes by I am continously becoming more miserable, abnormal and feeling nowhere... I wish I can get away with this , escape with my personal sentiments, getting out to my environment and live as if the day is just as bright as the sun that rises in the morning.