Sunday, May 3, 2009


Museong Kapampangan located at the 2nd Floor of Clark Museum, Clark Field Pampanga corroborates the relics and native furnitures, equipments and other materials used by early kapampangans.

I am not supposed to visit this place but a kindhearted security guard approached me and tells me " May Museong Kapampangan Exhibit pa sa taas baka gusto mo ring tignan." I was astonished with what I heard, I just replied " ow? totoo?, cge puntahan ko din." I did'nt knew that we have collections of kapampangan relics and so forth...

Upon going to the 2nd floor, i felt the excitement inside because of the expected preserved furnitures that I am going to see.

Upon entering the room, these are the equipments which fascinated me most.

Here they are guys, in the image 1 shows the mortar and pestle which is being used by our grandparents in making " Maman" in the earlier times. he3. I hope my kapampangan word is correct, I am not familiar anyway! ehe... In the next image showcases the various furnitures used.

In one corner of the room, you can view the clothes worn, the furnitures used and the remnant of the late President Diosdado Macapagal Arroyo, who is the loving father of our current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Sorry if i was not able to take pictures of those... i didn't have enough time. Promise! next time i will go back there and take other pictures which I will post here in my blog.

I am also grateful during that day because i was well accomodated by a lady guard, sorry i was not able to ask her name to be recognize, i will ask her name next time. waha!

To see more of what is inside the exhibit... Come and visit the place!

The Experience was absolutely awesome. I made myself even proud to be a KAPAMPANGAN!

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